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Best Buddies Prom 2022

Best Buddies prom will be held on Friday, April 25th.

This event spreads joy and allows Buddies to have fun, participate in activities and spend time with each other. The prom brings students together no matter their differences and demonstrates how friendly and thoughtful the Woodland community is.
Woodland continues to host the prom every year because of how important and memorable it is to students.

Each year someone different is in charge of hosting the Best Buddies prom. This year a senior named Isabella Tottenham decided to take on the role of hosting this event.

“My freshman year, they held a Best Buddies prom and I really liked the turn out. The kids had so much fun, so I wanted to do something similar,” said Tottenham. “Best Buddies prom my freshman year was during the Winter, but this year’s prom is during spring which made me think of a Luau theme.”

Many Buddies are excited to attend the prom, there will be many activities planned along with lots of delicious food.

“There is going to be a DJ and other activities,” said Tottenham. “I will get beach balls and other small things along with food.”

This year’s Best Buddies prom will be held in the cafeteria this Friday from 5-8 PM. Tickets are 5 dollars each and will be sold at the door.

Sofia Pina

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