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Who is Mr. Morcey?

Peter Morcey has been a building substitute for 15 years. He first started substituting at Long River Middle School for about three years. 

“I have been a building sub for a while and I am just about on the faculty,” said Morcey, “They do not have to call me to come in anymore; I just come here everyday.” 

Morcey always expresses how much his students mean to him and has a great relationship with them as well.

Woodland students all know that Morcey is an active member of the Woodland community, but many are unaware of his educational background. Morcey went to Crosby High school, which is located in Waterbury. He then went to Southern Connecticut State University, to study education, general and physical education. During his time at SCSU, he played baseball as a shortstop and a pitcher. Morcey was offered a contract with the Mets as a pitcher but declined because he had other dreams.

When Morcey finished college, he decided to open up his own restaurant in Waterbury, which was called Morcey’s Barbeque. The restaurant served chicken, steak, hamburgers, and many other delicious food items. After 35 years of business, Morcey decided to retire since none of his children wanted to take over the business. 

After about six years of retirement, Morcey was bored. He liked keeping busy and felt that he still had a purpose within students. That was when he decided to become a substitute teacher.

But substituting is not the only thing that takes up his day. Morcey takes part in many activities such as playing golf and eating at different restaurants all around Connecticut and also spends time with his six grandchildren. He is also recognized for his five different Hall of Fames including: Sportsman Club Hall of Fame, Waterbury Boys Club Hall of Fame, Sacred Heart High School Hall of Fame, Olympian  Hall of Fame  and Waterbury Twilight Hall of Fame. 

Morcey has accomplished so much in his life. He truly does make Woodland a better, happier place. 

Kayla Bernard

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