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Paul Geary Bringing Podcasting to Woodland

“I love podcasts,” said Paul Geary, a podcast connoisseur. “I have always been a big radio fan, even though it is sort of anachronistic, kind of old fashion.”

Involving more students in podcasting is one dream that Geary hopes to accomplish this school year. He hopes to add podcasting into the Humanities curriculum and start a Woodland podcasting network with the help of James Amato, Hawk Headlines Journalism director.

“I usually like to include it in my classes. I think it is a different medium for kids to express their learning in an audio format,” said Geary.

Podcasts can make an assignment more intimate for students. It allows for a fuller understanding of a certain topic. Not only incorporating podcasting into his classes, Geary is also incorporating it into his creative writing course. It will be a full unit for the class.

Although Geary has high hopes for podcasting, he does not believe it will be a club. Instead, it will be an extra activity that students can take on during or after school. Students in both journalism and creative writing have the opportunity to fully express themselves in podcasting because it is a major part of each course.

Geary currently runs four podcasts with students. There is the WRHS Marvel Podcast with Abby Scott, Eric Meade, and Chase Meliskey, the WRHS Student Book Club with readers involved in the Book Club, and the WRHS Sporting Concern with Zachary Drewry, Ryan Montini, and, every now and then, Tyler Macdowall. Geary also hopes to start a podcast where he records conversations with his students to discuss what they are doing in classes.

“I’m hoping next semester to just come up with a more routine schedule,” said Geary in regards to his podcast involving his classes.

Geary hopes to record each podcast about once a month, so each week he can focus on one podcast out of the four.

Geary picks his topics with the help of his students and his interests. He is interested in comic books, reading and sports. He is interested in everything he is focusing on for his podcasts.

Podcasts are a big part of Geary’s life. He listens to podcasts throughout his daily life and it is something he truly strives to bring to the school.

Geary said, “I think there is a market for podcasts with young people, so that is what I am trying to grow here at Woodland.”

WRHS Marvel Podcast:

WRHS Sporting Concern:

WRHS Student Book Club:

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