Athlete Spotlight: Kimmy and Chloe Poulos, the Power Duo

Not many people would think about running around a high school as a fun activity. But for Kimberley (Kimmy) and Chloe Poulos, members of Woodland’s cross country and track, this was a crucial part of their training. Pushing each other every step of the way, to get into shape for the sports they love the most.

Both are exemplary athletes, Chloe focusing on cross country and indoor and outdoor track, while Kimmy is a sprinter who runs indoor and outdoor track as well as cross country. Each year they strive to work hard and be the best they can be.

“I have two main goals for this year,” Kimmy stated. “I want to run the sixteen hundred and the thirty-two hundred meter just so I can say I’ve run every event. I also definitely want to break the 600 record in indoor and the 400 outdoor record.” 

Just like in previous years, she will put the work in and train her hardest to make this happen. Chloe’s ambitions are just as great.

“My goal for this year was to win States [for cross country], so I am really happy that I was able to accomplish that,” she said. “I would also like to make New Englands this year for cross country, outdoor, and indoor.”

The passion the sister’s share for their sports is the reason that they continue to better themselves in every aspect of their training. Through the years of endless practices and meets, they have learned so much.

“The most important thing I learned was to tie your shoes very tight before your race. During my freshman year, I was doing a four by four relay and my teammate stepped on the back of my heel; Then my shoe came off with her spike and I had to run without a shoe,” Kimmy explained. 

Ever since that day, Kimmy has tied her shoes tightly to prevent history from repeating itself. Chloe was also able to learn some important lessons as well.

“After losing NVLS in the mile to a girl from Seymour, I learned how important it was to stay motivated. It was a disappointing race but it pushed me to work harder. I was then able to beat her at states that year.”

With every meet and practice, they are preparing to be better in their next performance. Their drive to compete and perform well has never diminished. For the Poulous girls, each race is an opportunity for greatness.

“My proudest moment was last year during states,” Kimmy said. 

“I went for the open 400 and I wasn’t even seated in the hot seat; however, I still got fourth overall and made my best time.” 

“My proudest moment was winning states this year. This had been my goal for a long time and I’m really happy I was able to achieve it,” Chloe stated.

These sports are such a big part of Kimmy and Chloe’s lives. Kimmy described track as “hard work, teammates, and enjoyment” and Chloe said “fun, exciting, and supportive.” 

They acknowledge how important it is for a team to be there to support each other through the hard challenges that each athlete faces, as well as the moments of glory. However, through their journey there have been no shortages of struggles.

“The biggest challenge I have faced is having to deal with really bad shin splints. It’s been hard learning how to balance when you need a rest instead of running with pain,” said Kimmy. 

“I realized that proper rest and treatment is the recovery.”

Every obstacle has affected the girls’ running career, and it is crucial that they learn how to overcome them.

“I had a hard time with static training for a while without results. I just had to keep training and trust the process so results would come,” Chloe stated.

Running is a big part of their lives and will be incorporated into their futures in some way. However, outside of track and cross country, the girls have many other passions.

In terms of college, Kimmy does not know whether she will pursue her sports or not. It is not likely because of the conditions of her shins; however she will always love running.

Chloe has committed to the cross country and track teams at Division One Siena College in New York.

“I love to hang out with my friends, listen to music, go to church, and participate in Best Buddies,” says Kimmy.

“Outside of school I work at the Subway, run, and talk with my friends,” Chloe said.

Despite their impressive athletic ability, the Poulos girls are not much different from other students at Woodland. They believe anyone who works hard can achieve their dreams just as they are doing.

“Advice I would give to anyone who wants to pursue running is to enjoy your races and the sport itself. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Have fun. If you’re working hard results will come,” said Kimmy.

“I would say, be consistent with your training, don’t slack, put effort in, sleep right, eat right, and most of all, enjoy what you are doing,” said Chloe.

Kimmy and Chloe have proven time and time again that through hard work and passion, anything is possible.