Not Your Typical Security Guards

Woodland security guards work to not only protect the students at our school, but create a kind and caring environment. The school’s three security guards, Mark Philbrick, Lenny Rubbo, and Fred Smith, not only care about protecting the students, but also make sure the students at Woodland are successful.

“My favorite part of Woodland is obviously the students. The students here are really good kids and the staff is great. They make coming to work everyday easy. The administration and the staff here is kind of like a family,” Mark said.

The security guards help to make the school environment better. They agree, the students as well make it better for them. The Woodland security staff tries their best to tie our community together.

“This is probably one of the best jobs I’ve ever had because it is a job where I enjoy coming to work and enjoy interacting with the people,” Lenny said. “I hope to have a positive impact on all you kids and make sure you are all protected and have a safe environment.”

The three security guards enjoy coming to work everyday with students and seeing us all working hard, learning, achieving goals, and most importantly staying safe.

“We try to steer our students in the right direction, not only in school but in their future,” Lenny said.

The staff works to impact students’ futures in hopes that they will be successful in and out of school and enjoy hearing about the success stories from previous students. They hope that they can make a difference in each student’s life.

Recently, Woodland student, Maddie Raffone, was walking into school and dropped her coffee. Mark witnessed this, and told his colleagues, Fred and Len. Together the three of them decided to pitch in buying her a new coffee, and delivered it to her during class.

“And as little as it seemed to us, if it helped her get through her day just to make it easier, I think Lenny, Fred, and I care enough to help anybody that we can,” Mark said.

Everyday occurrences that make different students days include Fred giving out lollipops. The lollipops are given out randomly, and each year ives them to all the freshmen advisories. He as well gives them a speech about Woodland and encourages them to always be successful.

Fred has been a security guard at Woodland for 17 years, and everyday he comes to work happy to see the students. Fred was asked about when his lollypop tradition began.

“This year I was able to go to the Freshmen advisories, which is where I started with the lollipops. I enjoy doing that too, and picking students at random,” Fred says. “I put so many in my pocket each day and as I see students in the hallway I call them over and make there day.”

The Woodland security staff works hard everyday to not only protect the students at Woodland but impact their lives and create the great environment at Woodland each and every day.