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Road Use Agreement Strathcona County

Road Use Agreement in Strathcona County: An Overview

Strathcona County is a municipality located in Alberta, Canada. It is composed of four urban and rural communities and is home to various industries, including oil and gas, farming, and manufacturing. With the increasing demands of these industries, road use is becoming more critical than ever.

To ensure safe and efficient road use, Strathcona County has implemented a Road Use Agreement (RUA) for all parties involved in transportation. This agreement outlines the rules and regulations that must be followed when using the county`s road network, including roads, highways, bridges, and culverts.

Who Needs a Road Use Agreement?

The RUA is mandatory for all individuals and companies that require access to Strathcona County`s roads for the transportation of goods, equipment, and vehicles. This includes, but is not limited to, trucking companies, construction contractors, oil and gas companies, utility companies, and any other organization involved in the transportation of goods or equipment.

Benefits of a Road Use Agreement

The RUA provides several benefits for both the county and the users of its roads. Firstly, it helps ensure the safe operation of vehicles on the road network. All parties must comply with the regulations stated in the agreement, which includes adhering to vehicle weight restrictions, obtaining permits, and using designated routes. This helps reduce the risk of accidents and damage to the infrastructure.

Secondly, the RUA helps prevent road damage caused by overweight vehicles. Overweight vehicles cause significant damage to road surfaces, which can result in costly repairs and maintenance. The agreement helps manage the weight of vehicles to prevent damage, ensuring the longevity of the road network.

Finally, the RUA helps promote fair use of the road network. All parties must adhere to the same regulations, eliminating any potential advantages for some users over others. This ensures equal treatment for all parties involved in transportation and helps maintain the integrity of the county`s road network.


The Road Use Agreement in Strathcona County is an essential tool for ensuring safe and efficient transportation of goods and equipment. All parties involved in transportation must comply with the regulations outlined in the agreement, which helps manage vehicle weight, prevent road damage, and promote fair use of the road network. By adhering to the agreement, users can help reduce the risk of accidents and ensure the longevity of the infrastructure.