Woodland’s Ski Club

The Woodland Ski Club has been around since 2004 and is still running as a cub today today with advisor, Chris Misuraca, still at the helm.

“It took me three years to convince Dr. Frank to let me have a ski club, and finally he let me have it,” said Misuraca. “We also had the very first seniors join the club since [2004 was the first graduating class.]”

Misuraca is excited for the ski club’s events this year. The club plans on going to Mount Southington several times and is also planning on a Vermont trip where they will partner with the Long River Middle School Ski Club.

“Some are intimidated by Vermont so it is a different mix of kids that go on the trip,” said Misuraca.

Anyone can agree that it is very hard to keep track of a bunch of ambitious teenagers so it is necessary to have some type of system in order to handle them. No matter the size of the mountain, there is still a lot of land to cover as well as pressure as the advisor.

“I have their insurance information as well as emergency contacts and I [frequently] check in with ski patrol [throughout their trips].”

Everything considered, Misuraca is very proud of the ski club participants. He is very happy that the club has been running for such a long time and that it allows students to enjoy what they love during the colder parts of the year.

“We are the only true winter activity at Woodland.”