Cards for the Custodians

Woodland’s student body have shared their appreciation towards the custodians by making them thank you cards. National Custodian Day took place on October 2, 2021, Woodland’s Student Government believed the custodians should be honored. Mia Sansone, a member of student government, helped spread the word throughout Woodland in making cards for the custodians.

“We know that [working in the pandemic] was really tough on them,” said Sansone. “They had to work extra hours and they had more protocols when it came to cleaning the school.”

The cards were meant to stay short and sweet, giving a small message towards the custodians. Alexis Landrigan, head of the Faculty and Staff Appreciation Committee, passed a bill through the senate which gave the okay to create these cards.

“Once Lexi passed the bill, we messaged the principal in order for him to spread the word throughout Woodland,” said Sansone.

An email was sent to Kurt Ogren which instructed him to send an email to the advisory’s of Woodland. Advisories were then told to create cards for the custodians. Once the advisors created the cards, the student government delivered them to the custodians.

“We thought that it would be really great if the student body sent cards to them to show our appreciation,” said Sansone.

As the custodians have been working hard to keep Woodland healthy, safe, and clean, the students and staff are immensely thankful. They showed their gratefulness by making them thank you cards, hoping to make them smile.