Homecoming 2021 Update

String lights. Tinsel. Music. Magic. Woodland is becoming enchanted. While trying to make Homecoming as normal as possible, the Homecoming committee is making positive changes to better the experience. 

Instead of taking place on a Friday, Homecoming is shifting to a Saturday. Changing to October 16, 2021, there is more time for making the dance as enchanted as it could be. 

“With the gym and courtyard being used for sports, [Student Government] would only have forty minutes to set up for Homecoming, if we had it on a Friday,” said Emily Laput, Student Body President. “[Having the dance on Saturday,] allows us to take our time and focus on making this the best Homecoming ever.”

The courtyard will feature an Enchanted Forest theme. Being held outside, Student Government believed Enchanted Forest would be the perfect theme; however, they did not come to the decision alone. Allowing the student body to be a part of the decision as well, Student Government created a poll with the two options on the poll were Around the World and Enchanted Forest. Enchanted Forest won 166 to 79 votes. 

Unfortunately with COVID regulations, having a dance with many people in one place is deemed unsafe. Being outside adds to the enchantment of the night.

Homecoming will be held in the courtyard of Woodland Regional High School from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm. Masks are optional for all students.

“The doors, [to get into the dance,] close at 7:30pm. Students can leave Homecoming as early as 9:30pm,” said Abby Messina, Student Body Vice President. “If the weather is not so great and we have to move inside then masks will be required, but as of right now under current mandates, masks are not required outside.”

2020 brought many new obstacles to the world, but Student Government is working its way around the challenges to make Homecoming the best it can be. Students have been informed that outside guests, 9th graders to 20 years old, can attend Homecoming.  Tickets will be $15 each for all guests until October 15, 2021. 

“Outside guests are allowed,” said Laput. “They just have to fill out a special form that can be found in the main office or the table where we are selling tickets.”

The form needs to be filled out by both parties. Woodland students need to fill out information including a cell phone number, email address and signature of a guardian. The guest must fill out the same information and attach their student ID, a school administrator’s signature, and disclose COVID-19 vaccination status. For guests not in high school, photo identification is still required.

Another exciting addition to Homecoming night, the Beacon Falls Carnival will be taking place at the same time. The town of Beacon Falls holds a carnival every year, but due to complicated circumstances, it was pushed from June to October. 

“We did not mean for it to be on the night of the carnival, it was just the night we chose [to have the dance.] If students do want to attend the carnival, it is open until midnight that day. You can go from Homecoming to the carnival,” said Laput. 

Students at Woodland Regional High School are planning to approach the carnival after the dance in fancy outfits and dress shoes, adding to the enthusiasm of the night. 

Students are purchasing tickets, putting together their outfits, and finding dates for the night. Homecoming 2021 will be a night to remember for all Woodland Students.