Mr. Kinne Comes to Woodland

Taking over as Woodland’s newest Health and P.E. teacher, Ryan Kinne, is being welcomed into the Woodland family. Kinne has been in Region 16 for a total of six years, previously teaching at Long River Middle School. Adjusting to the Woodland Way, Kinne has shared his feelings about the new change.

“High school has always been the level I wanted to teach,” said Kinne. “I am very happy to be teaching here.”

Kinne first began teaching at Derby Middle School in 2015. He was inspired to be a Health and P.E. teacher because of his love for being active and healthy.

“I never saw myself sitting in a cubicle office and I enjoy being healthy,” Kinne explained.

Moving to a different school system came with many changes; however, to Kinne, these changes were not all negative but, in fact, they have helped him become more structured and organized. The biggest change for Kinne is the new block scheduling.

“The schedule has been the biggest change for me. I went from having seven periods of 50-minute classes every day, to having only four periods of 80-minute classes. This is good because it gives me more time to plan lessons and make sure the students are engaged in learning,” said Kinne.

Since Kinne began teaching in Region 16, he has gotten to watch the current students in Woodland grow up. Kinne explains that the student’s personalities have changed a lot compared to the students in middle school.

“Other than the block scheduling, the maturity of students has been the biggest change for me,” Kinne said. “When I first came to Long River, the class of 2022 was in eighth grade. Seeing them now as seniors shows how much they have matured from being in middle school.”

Students here at Woodland are excited to welcome back their former health and P.E teacher. Ava Muharem, former student of Kinne, fondly remembers Kinne and is excited to welcome him back.

“I am excited Mr. Kinne came back because he was a great teacher in Long River and his class was always a lot of fun,” said Muharem.

In Kinne’s spare time, he coaches a boys’ travel soccer team. Kinne has always enjoyed playing soccer. Kinne played for the American professional soccer team, Pittsburgh Riverhounds. His soccer career had to come to an end when he tore his ACL. Now he chooses to share his passion by helping coach others. Kinne has to stay extra organized to balance his work and coaching.

“For me to stay balanced I have to do a lot of planning,” said Kinne. “With the block scheduling, I’m able to plan for my classes and then use the rest of my time preparing for soccer.”

Kinne has been adjusting these past few weeks to the Woodland Way.

“I have always wanted to inspire others and as a teacher, I am able to influence students to make the right, healthy choices.”