Jenna Chicano’s Journey to Becoming a Teenage Meteorologist

Hawk Headlines’ meteorologist, Jenna Chicano, has had a whirlwind of adventure her first year giving weather reports. Starting her freshman year, sophomore Chicano continues to record videos using her phone and a green screen to give the forecast.

Chicano’s first video was submitted to the Hawk Headlines’ Instagram, @hawkheadlines, two months into her freshman year. She continues to record forecasts every other day.

“It is actually a really funny story [how I started]. My cousin, he started giving my sisters and all my cousins weather reports by texts,” said Chicano. “I started doing it for all my friends and they enjoyed it.”

When Chicano was presented with the opportunity to give the weather reports for Hawk Headlines, she took it with only slight hesitation. Chicano said if it was not for Hannah Mudry and James Amato pushing her to create her videos, there is no way she would have started making them. Her friends and family encouraged her to record the weather forecast because they all knew how much fun she had reporting it to them.

Chicano does not only give weather reports but also spreads positivity. Chicano finishes every video with the same catchphrase, “Stay positive,” as she is always looking for ways to spread positivity. She wants to spread positivity not just around her school, but the world.

Chicano has been made into a teenage celebrity by recording the forecasts. The Morning Mayhem show interviewed her and Chicano is still a frequent guest on the show. Along with this, Chicano was also noticed by Rachael Frank, FOX 61 News’ chief meteorologist. 

“On her Facebook Live, Rachael Frank was doing the weather for all her followers and my dad got the idea to put my name in the comments. She ended up seeing it. That made me really excited [because she’s my meteorologist inspiration],” said Chicano.

Not sure if she wants to take on meteorology in the future, but the reactions Chicano receives from her viewers brings her happiness. Her favorite part is the reactions from her peers, as they always ask her to make more videos. She has received positive feedback from teachers, classmates and family members. Chicano has high hopes she will continue reporting the weather for Hawk Headlines until she graduates from Woodland Regional High School.