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Tips on Taking Pictures of your Dog

It doesn’t take much for your furry friend to do something cute that makes you want to stop in your tracks and snap a picture; however, it’s not that simple to capture good pictures of your dogs without them moving. Most pictures will come out blurry or the cute moment that you wanted to capture is over before you could pull out your camera to take the photo. Here are some small tips that you may want to remember for the next time you take a photo of your dog.

1. Know the words that capture your dogs’ attention

You may think how would I know my dog’s “trigger word?” Whenever you are talking to your dog, you may see their ears perk up when you say something specific. For example, you may say “sit” or “good dog” and that could be considered your dog’s trigger word. Once you say this word to your dog it will catch their attention, giving you more time to capture the moment without them darting away.

2. Bribe your dog

Just like you would do to a child, you can bribe your dog into taking a good photo. You may offer kids candy or money in order for them to do their chores and with your dog you can bribe them with treats. This trick always seems to work with dogs. All you need to do is grab a treat that your dog enjoys and have them sit for you. Once they are sitting or staying in the position you want them to, hold the treat in front of them or near your camera. This will help keep your dog occupied on receiving the treat instead of focusing on you trying to take a picture.

3. Know your dogs’ personality:

If you want a photo of your dog that seems to be more playful instead of the strict sitting pose, get to know your dog and their personality. For example, if your dog loves to sunbathe in your backyard, try and capture your dog doing what they love best. Capturing your dog in their happy moments seems to bring more character to your photos and may be a bit easier to take the photo.

4. Use a distraction

You can use distractions with your dog like a toy or treat. Using sound is one type of distraction that will help capture a good photo of your dog. Grab a squeaky toy or a bag of treats and shake it around, this will allow your dog to become focused on the noise. While your dog is focused on the sound, this will give you some time to take the photo, but make sure you are holding the toy above or near your camera in order for your dog to be looking towards the camera.

5. Shutter speed

If you are trying to take a more professional style photo, your shutter speed is key. If you are trying to capture your dog running at full speed or jumping in the air, you’ll need to capture the moment fast. Having a fast shutter speed will allow you to capture the moment clearer. If you are not shooting on a camera and are on a phone, you may want to consider taking your photos on the “burst” setting. This setting allows you to capture many photos at once and will give you a clearer capture in the moment.

6. Lighting

If you want a more professional style photo, lighting is key. Instead of taking a photo in a shady area in your yard, move towards the sun to get better lighting. You may also use windows, reflections, or flash to help you get better lighting making your photo more clear and flawless.

7. Use different angles

Instead of just taking your photo from the same angle, try and change it up. Using different angles can help spice up your photo and add character. If your dog is laying down, try and get down with your dog to get a better view of your pup. During your photoshoot, if your dog is really cooperating, try and lay on the ground and get a ‘worm’s eye view’ so the photo is looking up towards your dog or get a ‘bird’s eye view’ so your picture is looking down on your dog. All of these different angles will help improve your photography with your dog.

Although it is hard to capture good photos of your dog, it is possible. As long as you and your pup have a good relationship and they obey you, there will be a better chance of you capturing a better moment of your pup. By using these 7 different techniques, your photography of your dog will be improved and your feed will be thriving with these new and improved pictures of your furry friend.

Molly Sweet

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