What is Morning Mayhem?

You may have noticed that every day the eduTECH Amato account posts a link to something called “Morning Mayhem”- but what is it? Morning Mayhem is a morning podcast that covers the different things around Woodland. Every episode starts with some static noise and upbeat music, accompanied by an upbeat introduction done by James Amato, host of the podcast.

“The purpose of the show started out of a journalism project,” Amato admitted. “We were talking about doing a “Morning Minutes” of the announcements.” 

These “Morning Minutes” were supposed to say the date, the schedule, and possibly some other quick announcements. However, this idea grew tremendously as more ideas began to arise. What came out of that small idea grew to be the “Morning Mayhem” that is known today. 

The current Morning Mayhem show covers both news and entertainment and is done live at 7:15 a.m. each morning. Every episode has a guest speaker and occasionally trivia. 

Amato has been working nonstop ever since he started posting these podcasts on February 1st of this year. In order to have the topics for each episode, he must go out and find people around Woodland who have a story or news to tell. Some of the most recent topics have been Boys Swim and Dive, Quizbowl, and the Career Center. People are also able to go to Amato and ask for something to be mentioned or to be a guest on the show to talk about something. 

“Part of the construct of the show is to go out and find people in Woodland, who are doing things for Woodland.” 

Amato even went out and collaborated with Griffin Davis, a graphic design student, to make the logo for the show. 

Woodland News isn’t the only thing that Morning Mayhem covers though. Part of the Morning Mayhem show features Christopher Tomlin talking about any and every world news. 

Tomlin’s segment of the show is similar to what he does in class. In his class he puts on BBC One Minute World News, and talks about the events going on in the world. 

“I try to find stories that interest me and then also appeal to everyone,” said Tomlin.

There is also a sports segment of the Morning Mayhem show run by Nancy Manning, also known as Momma Manning. She covers the sports scores from the previous day, and the game schedules for the day. 

Even though the year has been anything but normal, these teachers have overcome it and brought something new and entertaining into the morning routine. Morning Mayhem has brought the school even closer together during this difficult year.