NHS Celebrating Read Across America

As most people know, National Read Across America Day is celebrated throughout elementary schools everywhere in the United States during the beginning of March. Woodland’s National Honor Society has taken this one day in March to be celebrated all throughout the month for Region 16’s two elementary schools, Prospect Elementary School and Laurel Ledge Elementary School. 

Advisees Mrs. D’Alexander and Mrs. Becker came up with the idea to have the National Honor Society read to the elementary students back in January, when brainstorming ideas of what they wanted to have the honor society do. In the past, the National Honor Society tutored students within the region as their community service project, but with the ongoing pandemic, tutoring was out of the question. 

“We brainstormed with the kids, of things that they would like to do and it really came from them wanting to work with kids, within their own community,” states Becker.

Soon after tossing the idea of tutoring, they came up with the idea to incorporate Read Across America into their community service project. 

“We were thinking of our timeline and we’re thinking about March, and it struck me,” says D’Alexander.

With the National Honor Society having roughly 40 members, they figured they would be able to spread readings throughout the entirety of March, with having multiple sessions a day.

Quickly, this idea was set into motion, and planning began. Becker and D’Alexander reached out to teachers at both Prospect Elementary and Laurel Ledge, asking if they would like to participate. Members would then choose a teacher and a time slot to read to. The members also were able to choose a book of their choice to read to the students. 

Luckily for the National Honor Society, this community service project went very successfully for them.

“We roughly did about 50 read alouds during the month, in 33 classrooms,” stated D’Alexander.

The honor society also received lots of positive feedback from the elementary teachers, stating that they hope that they will do this again in the future.

“They loved it, the students loved it,” states D’Alexander.

As for the future, both D’Alexander and Becker express that this project will definitely be brought back next year for the future National Honor Society.