National Honor Society Reading Across America

The National Honor Society, throughout the course of March, got to read to the young students in both Prospect Elementary and Laurel Ledge. The National Honor Society was supposed to have a book reading day where the students go to Prospect Elementary or Laurel Ledge to read books to students in celebration of Read Across America; however, due to COVID-19, they had to brainstorm a new way that they could encourage elementary students to read. 

Reading virtually actually gave the high school students a lot of time to talk individually with many of the students in the class and bond with their previous teachers. 

“High school students absolutely loved it, and it might be something that we keep longterm,” Jodie D’Alexander, National Honor Society advisor, said. “Many high school students got to make connections and ask questions with the elementary kids.”

The National Honor Society celebrated Read Across America month instead of just a day. Over 40 of Woodland seniors participated in a virtual Read Across America. Seniors would hold the book in front of the camera, and they would read a story. There were over 50 read alouds to both elementary school students. 

Sometimes the students being read to would get surprised with a book of the senior’s choice, and other times Woodland students would read books that their teachers were planning on reading to the class. Pre-K all the way up to fifth grade had a reading from high schoolers. 

Students read to elementary school students when they were home and at school. 

“It was a beneficial experience because while we didn’t have the most ideal situation of not being able to go to the school,” said D’Alexander. “We created a fun, creative community service idea.”