Boys Basketball: A Successful Season

New COVID regulations have forced the Woodland boys basketball team to operate a little differently this year. In addition to the approval of the season, the CIAC has implemented some rules to make the season safer. These new rules have made this season more difficult than years past. Some of these rules include sitting 6 feet apart on the bench, limiting fans, and having to play with a mask on. 

When talking about their biggest challenge with the new rules, the team shared a similar answer, the masks. 

“Keeping the mask over my nose was definitely the hardest challenge of the season,” explained Croy Mastropietro, a junior on the team. “It would get my mouth very dry, and it definitely took some time getting used to.” 

To help with this issue, the CIAC implemented mask breaks at the four-minute mark of each quarter. During this break, players had a one-minute break to take their masks off and get a drink. 

“The mask breaks every four minutes were very important and really helped with the mask issues,” Mastropietro stated.

The schedule also looked a little different this year as opposed to years past. They had a shortened regular season where they only played 14 games and had no state tournament. After a sluggish start, the Hawks finished 7-7, made their first NVL tournament since 2013, and won their first-round game against Kennedy.

 “Overall, I think it was a very successful season. We started out slow, but really picked it up and came together towards the end.” 

Adapting to the masks and new rules played a large part in the late success. 

Fortunately for the Hawks, they were able to complete their season with no COVID issues at all. Even though the new COVID rules made the season a little more difficult than those in years past, the Hawks were still able to have a successful season.