Theater Honor Society In Search of New Members

Through the years, the Theater Honor Society has been had at Woodland on and off. This is due to a lack of interest. There are times when joining Drama Club isn’t something that is on the minds of students and then there are times when shows like Hamilton come along and spark an interest. It is because of this that Bailey Gartman, Theater Honor Society advisor, hopes to end the cycle and develop a steady interest in drama.

According to Gartman, “Unfortunately for the Theater Honor Society, all of our members graduated last year and none of the current students have done anything in order to become part of it this year.”

As a result of such circumstances, the Theater Honor Society has not and will not be doing anything this year, Gartman feels that it didn’t work out this year due to “a lack of structure” and is hoping to try and revamp it next year.

For those who might be interested in the future, here are some qualifications you need to meet, and what you can look forward to.

Through the International Thespian Society, members of the honor society have participated in fundraisers for both the school’s theatre and the Society’s. The members have also done different types of community services within the theatre.

In order to qualify, one must have gotten a 90 or above in a theatre-related class, such as Acting 1, 2, or 3, or Stagecraft, and/or has participated in 10+ hours of theatre (rehearsals/shows). In order for it to be a thing or to even continue, there must be at least six members actively doing things within the drama community. The amount of hours a member does in theatre is also tracked to see whether they are actively participating or just doing the minimum they can just to add it to their resume. Based on the amount of hours they have, they each are awarded some sort of title as a sort of representation of how much they’ve done in the community; for example, a member with the title of Honor Thespian has six hundred hours is newer to the community, whereas a member with the title of International Honor Thespian has eighteen hundred hours has been part of it for a while. Despite how big the numbers seem, members can easily earn them by participating in shows, and over the course of four years they accumulate; so it’s not as if all those hours are just from one year.

As a member of the Theater Honor Society, you are open to many opportunities. Members have the opportunity to attend educational conferences and festivals. Now meetups with others part of the thespian community are still held but are virtual. Not only that, members are introduced to scholarship opportunities and get assistance on building and putting together their resumes, giving them leverage during college auditions. If any field trips are had, members receive a special price and have access to outside acting lessons aside from what is offered at the school.

If any of the information stated has sparked an interest in the Theater Honor Society, get involved! Join some theatre classes! Help out with shows! Spread the word!

For more information regarding the Theater Honor Society and any other theatre-related courses at Woodland, please contact Bailey Gartman at