Tik Tok Consuming Lives

Tik Tok is used for many reasons including, entertainment, education, debate, and communication, excessively by people everywhere.

Tik Tok has been around for a while but became more popular at the beginning of the pandemic when kids were stuck at home bored. Originally, the popularity started with kids, but as time went, on adults and even grandparents started to use it too. People use Tik Tok for many things. 

“I usually use Tik Tok for entertainment and when I am bored,” Tik Tok user Maddie Raffone stated. 

Some people started to use the app to cure boredom at the beginning of the pandemic and continue to do that. But for others, their motives have changed. 

“I use it for making funny videos hopefully to entertain others and make them laugh,” Tik Tok Kian Sirowich @/Kianpeppercayanne. Plenty of creators use this app to entertain themselves, while others use it to entertain others.

Not only is the app good for entertainment, but it is also very helpful. Cooking videos, school hacks, product recommendations, and other videos are being put on display on the app, and these videos can be very handy.

“When I’m looking for food recipes, I always find a ton on Tik Tok, ” Raffone added. “For example, I made mozzarella balls from a recipe I found on Tik Tok.”

Besides just seeing the people that you follow on Tik Tok, you can also see strangers on the For You Page. Anyone who has a public account can be featured on it. Sometimes creators’ videos spend a lot of time on the For You Page, which helps them and gain a lot of followers. 

Videos on this page can be simple trendy videos like a dance. A popular creator Charli D’Amelio has gained  over 100 million followers from her dance videos. Another creator, Maxie Elise, has also grown a following. On her account, she posts more profitable videos like reviews and hauls of products to show you if they are worth it and if you should buy them. 

Along with all the different types of videos, Tik Tok also educates its viewers. You can find videos about almost anything that is going on in the world. There are accounts that update news about the government and important things that are happening within it. Some accounts only talk about specific topics, while others talk about general news including politics, government, protests, and anything important going on that we may or may not be aware of. 

“I’ve learned a lot about what has gone on in the world,” Raffone said. “Yesterday I saw an account posting cleaning up polluted rivers. In Bali, this river was so polluted with plastic. Also, things with politics or something bad happening and people trying to make change.”

You can even make a living off of Tik Tok. The more views and followers you get, the more money you get paid. You could also use the platform for promoting business to help you make money. 

“I see people promoting their business like jewelry and they get a lot of views and sell a lot,” Margot Mendes @/margotmendes said. “Tik Tok  gives them support to make their businesses successful.” 

Viewers get opened up to new stores that can be affordable and appealing to them while helping the owner. 

Most importantly, Tik Tok has helped a lot of people during the pandemic and in general. Tik Tok lets people get into their “own world” and forget about the bad around them. The funny videos can help cheer anyone up and put a smile on their face. It also allows them to be themselves and express who they are, even if it is just to a small audience and sometimes even make friends. If you’re ever bored and looking for something new to get involved in, download Tik Tok and try it out.