Woodland’s Favorite Sports

For some students and athletes, watching sports may add interest to their lives and it may be something they enjoy doing. For others, it may just be something they do to pass time. But most tend to have a sport they enjoy watching more than others, which a poll opened up on Schoology for all students determined. 

After the poll closed for students’ favorite sports, the results that occurred were pretty surprising. Although football was the non-shocking top pick for students’ favorite sport to watch, not many people chose it as their favorite sport to play. Instead, soccer and basketball were the first choices of most. There was a total of 44% of the votes going to basketball and soccer, and only 8% of votes for football for their favorite sports to play. Freshman Cross-Country runner, Nick Lachapelle, had more to say following the results of the poll. 

“Cross country tends to be pretty boring to watch since there’s not really any action there’s just running, whereas in football there’s basically a play every single down,” Lachapelle said. There are many students that may not play football but still enjoy watching it as their favorite sports. 

An overwhelming majority of students voted soccer as their favorite sport to play. However, there were not many that voted it as their favorite to watch. There were 11 students that chose it as their favorite to play, opposed to the six that voted it as their favorite to watch. 

“Along with cross country, soccer is sometimes pretty boring to watch since there’s not a play every time; it’s just continuing the game,” Lachapelle remarked. “So other sports would seem to be more interesting to watch than soccer.”  He feels that since the majority of the time in soccer not much takes place, then that is the reason many do not enjoy watching soccer. 

In addition to the most popular sports to play and watch, there were many unusual and interesting sports that were voted as students’ favorites. Surprisingly, few students voted for cross country, cheerleading, figure skating, golf, and others. Similar to this, sports such as swimming, Olympic snowboarding, ski jumping, golf, and cheerleading were included as some students’ favorite to watch. Combined, these sports make up a total of 10% of students’ favorite to play, whereas, they make up 12% of their favorite to watch. Although many people may be turned off by sports that are not popular, Lachapelle is not. 

“Although I love watching or playing popular sports, I feel it is much more fun to run cross country. When I’m running, all I’m focused on is winning. Also, I feel when running, there is a lot of pressure on me, which for some reason I feel like I strive under that,” he exclaims. “My teammates are also very welcoming and push me to do my best.”

For favorite sports to play, the top choices were soccer and basketball with both 22%of the votes, baseball with 18%, swim and dive with 10%, and football and volleyball with 8% each. For students’ favorite sports to watch, however, football was the most popular with 30% of the votes, followed by basketball with 26%, baseball (14%), soccer (12%), and hockey (6%). Although football was not a very popular sport to play, most of the outcomes of the poll were expected. With football, soccer, basketball, and baseball being the four most popular, these results were anticipated.

Here at Woodland, students tend to take pleasure in watching, playing, and incorporating sports into their everyday lives. Whether they play them for fun, competition, or because they enjoy being around the people involved.