How to Stay Safe and Active During The Winter Season

The winter sport season has not been cancelled even though COVID-19 still looms over us. Ice skating rinks and ski mountains are still opened, hoping to make some revenue as people stay active and safe. Many ski resorts have a mask requirement and a restricted number of people allowed in ski lift lines. On ski lifts, people are also not allowed to sit with someone other than their party due to the close contact. Indoor ski rinks have a mandatory mask requirement, and rentals are cleaned thoroughly to prevent any germs from lingering on the ice skates. Staying safe is everyone’s main priority this year. 

Staying active is very important to maintain a strong, capable body, as well as feel better and be healthier. Due to COVID-19, it hasn’t been as easy as it has to get out in past years. Sitting at home became the “big thing” during quarantine back in April last year, and this year still has many restrictions that make it hard for people to have fun. But exercise is important, and should still be included in many people’s everyday lives. 

“Various workouts and anaerobic exercises can help you stay active,” according to Chris Anderson, Physical Education teacher. “Doing different exercises is important, so you don’t get bored and become unmotivated with working out. One way to do this is by going to the gym, and modifying workouts to the weather. Walk or run on days where the weather is good, maybe weight-lift on days when the weather isn’t so nice,” Anderson added.

Another way people could get exercise is by skiing. Skiing is an outdoor activity for cardio, but it has many other great benefits as well. It helps build muscle in your legs and gives you some fresh air you might need. To stay safe, masks are required at all ski mountains, and people can only sit with people from their parties on the ski lift. Rick Knight, former National Ski Patrol Board Member, and current Ski Patroller at Mount Southington, believes skiing is the right choice for the winter.

 “It is very important for everyone to exercise, everyone needs to stay healthy. Skiing is very good exercise. Once you start doing it, it just becomes a habit. It’s quite good socially as well.”

Skiing helps to make exercise fun, partially because you don’t even realize you are exercising when you do it. 

Mount Southington, Ski Sundown, Mohawk Mountain, and Powder Ridge are all open this season to help you have fun and stay in shape. They all have a reservation system for tickets as well as a rental system, where you can rent ski or snowboard equipment. Many other winter sport places such as ice skating at the Sports Center are still up and running this season with enjoyment for people of all ages. Regardless of COVID’s control on social activities, exercise is still important.