Riley Kane’s Passion For Basketball

For the past eleven years, Riley Kane has been playing basketball. Even though she participates in other sports, such as softball and volleyball, Kane’s love for basketball has not diminished. Her love for the sport began when Kane was just five years old when her father enrolled her in Little Pal, a basketball program for children based in Naugatuck, Connecticut.

“I chose to play basketball from [a young age], and I just really enjoyed it,” stated Kane. “So then I decided to carry it out into high school.”

Kane’s days are filled with anticipation and preparation for games and practices. She stated that what she loves most about participating in the sport is that it helps keep her active and motivated during her “off-season” from other sports. 

Kane made the Girls Varsity Basketball team her freshman year of high school. This accomplishment has led her to take physical and mental game preparation very seriously. In between JV games, Kane often jokes with friends and practices shooting baskets: all while mentally preparing herself for the game ahead. She finds that separating the world and her thoughts helps her concentrate and become serious about the game.

Riley Kane 2020

The basketball team’s rules look very different this year. One big difference in the season compared to other seasons is that players are required to wear masks. Basketball is a very active and physical sport, with players spending most of their time on the court running. While this has been difficult, Kane’s determination has not diminished.

Having a supportive family is vital in staying motivated. Luckily for Kane, she has a herd of supporters at home. Kane’s fans at home are her grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

“My grandparents always [tune into the live streams] because they miss being [at the games] in person to watch me play,” said Kane. “And my parents are able to go to the home games in person, so that’s nice.”

Riley Kane 2021

Kane isn’t planning on pursuing a career in basketball, but she looks forward to the rest of her time on the Woodland basketball team.