Movie Recommendations

The year 2020 has been extremely hectic, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many places are closed which eliminates many opportunities for people to socialize with friends and family. Apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and many others have given us the chance to relax and enjoy time in quarantine. After watching a large number of movies during quarantine, students at Woodland Regional High School chose what they most liked and what their opinions were on some of the newer movies. April Bell, Woodland Sophomore, watches movies on Netflix. She recommends “Fractured.”

“It was very suspenseful and the conflict was interesting. The way the story was written was very unique. It was really really good and I highly recommend it.” 

Fractured is based on a father whose wife and daughter was sent to a hospital after being severely injured. Both disappeared and he is convinced that the hospital is hiding something from him. Bell enjoys action movies and this one is highly recommended if you enjoy action movies as well. 

If you enjoy thriller movies, a top-voted movie “Secret Obsession” is about a woman who got into an accident and loses her memory.

Her stalker convinces her he’s her husband and eventually brings her into ‘his’ home after leaving the hospital. I would rate this movie a 10/10. Scenes that really bring out the suspense such as when we find out the man who is pretending to be the woman known as Jennifer’s husband, is really the person that caused her accident and made her lose her memory. The man pretending to be her husband Russel, who was really known as Ryan, started to really become insane after Jennifer gained some of her memory back and remembered who the man truly was. After finding out he kidnapped her Ryan started to notice and anytime he left the house he’d chain her to the bed and lock her in a room until he was back. This movie really shows what a suspenseful thriller movie is and if you like movies like that I’d highly recommend watching it. 

If you enjoy Romance comedies then “The Perfect Date ” is just for you.

This movie is about a high school student who makes an app that can offer a fake date to make money for his dream college. His plans begin to go downhill as he gains feelings for someone. This movie can be found on Netflix as well. This movie to me seems like a 9/10. The movie’s well-plotted and scenes such as when they eventually fall in love with each other really adds some spice to the movie. In the start, actor Noah Centineo falls in love with a rich student who eventually throws a party and he attends to go see her. He then offers to bring someone’s cousin who needed a date. They then later pretend they’re dating to make each other’s crushes jealous. In the end, they attend the rich girl’s birthday party and plan their fake breakup which goes too far. They eventually found out that they actually liked each other and in the end confessed to each other.

If you miss the Holidays, Netflix still has some movies and one great one called, ​”The Christmas Chronicles 2″ ​about a girl named Kate who is unhappy with her life in Mexico and decides to go back to her home in Boston to celebrate Christmas.

She finds herself ending up with a friend Jack on a shuttle and they unexpectedly are transported to the North Pole by an elf. They’re recruited by Mr. and Mrs. Clause. Their star on top of their Christmas tree is stolen which causes a power outage in their village. Everyone is assigned to recruit something to fix the star to recover the North Pole and get their power back. In the end, Kate puts the star back on the tree and goes back to Mexico to enjoy her Christmas. This movie is a sequel to, ​”The Christmas Chronicles” ​created in 2018, and is a good movie to get in the Christmas spirit. 

Although quarantine seems like it may last longer and most theatres are still closed, there’s always a movie for someone to enjoy. If you enjoy any of these themes of movies I highly recommend watching them.