Indoor Track Making the Best of the Season

Indoor track is the exact opposite of what COVID regulations will allow; normally at this time in the season, the indoor track team would be meeting six days a week in the halls of Woodland for practice and traveling to one of the state’s large indoor facilities with about 45 other teams for meets. This year -I know you’ve heard it a million times now- is so much different. Practice is now three days a week, and masks are to be worn the whole time. The long-distance runners have been going outside to run while the rest of the team has been hitting the weight room, everyone is doing their best to condition for the outdoor track season. In regard to meets, there are no meets (or at least not yet); the CIAC decided that it wasn’t safe to gather at the beginning of the season. Recently, governor Ned Lamont announced that indoor track can start having events as of March 1st.

Boys senior captain Jack Schwarz chose to participate in indoor track, knowing how much different it would be this year.

“As a senior, you’re on your way out,” said Schwarz. “You might as well get the best of it as you can. I figured I had nothing to lose.”

New members of the team are missing out on so many different experiences, including meets and daily practices.

“They really are missing out on a lot of experience,” Schwarz explained. “When the underclassmen return next year, they won’t have the experience that the upperclassmen currently have, they will be taking on leadership roles but not really knowing exactly what to do. They’ll be learning as they go.”

Despite the difficulties and differences this season, the team has made the experience as fun as possible.

“The coaches really have made everything manageable. They adjusted the workload. The camaraderie between the boys is very present, and it helps them enjoy the season.”