Quiz Bowl Training for Virtual Tournaments

Quiz Bowl has luckily been able to have a year despite COVID-19 restrictions.  Although there were many changes to how the club looked, the team worked through it.

“It’s been difficult because we’ve had a variety of practice formats,” says Nancy Manning, advisor of Quiz Bowl.

At the beginning of the year, the club was allowed to work remotely to practice.  Then, they were allowed to meet in person in small groups.  Now, the club is back to practicing virtually, but they are missing key elements, one area it is the buzzer system.  In Quiz Bowl it is important to have quick reaction time after you process the question, but since they do not have a physical buzzer it has been difficult to practice.  The club meets on Fridays after school and Saturday afternoons.

COVID canceled any tournaments that would’ve taken place in a normal year during the first semester.  

“Every year, we have a selection of tournaments to pick from, and there have been none posted,” says Manning.

The normalcy is finally starting to return to Quiz Bowl as they now have an upcoming virtual tournament in February.