The Science National Honors Society: What They’re Up To

Busy electing officers for the year, the Science National Honors Society is working on planning their major goals. During the first meeting of the year, each candidate gives a speech of how they would be of importance to the society. Donna Lesch and Jill Blasi, co-advisors of the Society, lead this meeting before the newly elected officers take over the next Meet. These new officers will be in charge of the meetings and will be running them. Taking this large role, they will have to plan which goal the SNHS will take on first. Donna Lesch wants the officers to communicate and build the society.

“They’re going to be focusing on projects but they all have to be communicating and decide the direction on what’s important to them,” said Lesch. “Choosing a project, making goals, making deadlines, coming up with tasks and delegating – it’s really kind of like project management.”

Lesch and Blasi plan on being busy this year with multiple projects. Using a bulletin board in school to demonstrate current events of science to the students and staff is just one planned project. They would like the members of the SNHS to post these current events they find interesting on the bulletin board for everyone to see. They will also be posting webinars for students to attend and learn more about science. 

“Webinars are kind of like seminars that are held on the worldwide web, and they elaborate on scientific concepts,” Lesh explains. “If you are interested in something, I’m sure we can find a webinar out there.”

The SNHS is also very interested in learning more about scientific careers. They plan on conducting interviews with science workers of their choice to learn more about the career. Lesch explains how she would like to work with the Journalism Department on conducting these interviews. She believes this is a life skill the members of the SNHS should learn how to do and experience. The members of the SNHS will each have their own worker to interview, and it would be a great learning experience for them.

Helping the community out and creating communication within the students is of major importance to the advisors of the Science Honors Society. Therefore, Lesch wants the members to help with tutoring students who need extra help in science. This is a major project that would help the school significantly. 

“We are also thinking about having some tutoring where we help out fellow students,” Lesh said. “Whether it’s through hosting their own Google Meets, or even in the Media Center, six feet apart, just to help each other.”

The Science National Honors Society has some amazing ideas planned for the rest of the year and hopefully, they will all follow through. The advisors of the society are very invested in helping the community of Woodland, and want to make science known around the school.