Woodland’s Recycling is Slowly Progressing

Woodland Regional High School is not a school to be known for its recycling, but the conservation club wants to make that change. Recycling is an important part of keeping our environment clean and healthy and we should do all we can to keep the Earth safe. The conservation club is a science department club founded by Jaden Young.

Although Woodland does make an effort to recycle cardboard, bottles, and cans, Kurt Ogren, the principal, believes Woodland should be doing more.

“They do need to step up their efforts, especially with paper and other items. The cost and the economy of [recycling] has kept them from doing it.”

The cost of recycling at Woodland overall comes out to be much more than Woodland is willing to spend. Although this may be true, Ogren explains how there is still hope for recycling at Woodland along with a “student lead effort”. He believes if the conservation club steps up to get recycling going, there could be a major change in the school.

Jaden Young, the founder of the conservation club, started this club to help the environment around her and could be the key to the “student lead effort” along with the other members of the club. Young feels strongly about recycling and keeping the environment clean as well.

“So, the conservation club is basically promoting the environment. We start discussions  about changes we want to make in our community, awareness on certain endangered animals or how people can better use their resources.”

One of their major projects was creating recycling weeks which was setting up bins in the school’s cafeteria. This created the idea of recycling in students minds and was very close to becoming fully established. Even though the conservation club was successful in these recycling weeks, the school was not willing to keep it consistent because of the cost.

Lisa Croce, a Woodland science teacher who runs the conservation club, explains the benefits of recycling.

“Metals can be recycled indefinitely and even plastics. An interesting result for recycling could be when you think of Patigonia, polar fleece is made out of plastic bottles and it takes approximately 20 two liter bottles to create the fiber. There are lots of different important uses for different materials.”

There are so many different ways to recycle and reasons you should. The environment is overall cleaner and your everyday space will become cleaner as well. The new ways science has found to reuse and renew materials is incredible and it should be taken into consideration. Not only should schools recycle, but anyone can easily recycle to make the Earth a better place.

Jaden Young, Lisa Croce, and the remaining members of the conservation club will continue to try to get recycling going at Woodland and the future is yet to be determined.