Connecticut’s Phase 2.1 Affecting Woodland

Governor Lamont has enforced an executive order for Connecticut to go back into Phase 2.1. Lamont advocates for students being in school; however, many students and staff feel uneasy about being in school. Students and staff wonder what effects Phase 2.1 will hold on Woodland Regional High School.

“The high school will be fully remote if there are less than 30% of students in the building or if we cannot provide staff,” said Region 16 Superintendent, Michael Yamin.

Currently, there are not as many positive cases so students and staff will be able to remain safe in the building; however, the holidays approaching may affect how many cases will be brought to the school. 

“The way the high school is built, there is no way of socially distancing all the students and staff in the building.”

The high schoolers will most likely remain hybrid for the rest of the school year.  The high school will stay in a hybrid model until the state directs otherwise.

“The effects are really social and emotional effects on our kids right now; such as no sports, clubs, or groups until January 19th,” said Yamin. 

According to Yamin, many kids may have trouble with this change because students at the high school enjoy experiences in and out of school. The government has full control over these activities so it is unknown whether the re-opening date of clubs and sports will be pushed back further. 

“People are stressed by their staff and their parents and it’s legitimate. My worries are how people are handling their anxieties or their real concerns about the pandemic. ” 

Trying to communicate with people can be difficult during this time because, as Superintendent, Yamin needs to help everyone understand and feel comfortable with his plans. Due to distance learning, academics may also be slipping but sadly it is not the top priority right now. 

As of December 1st, Michael Yamin does not see the school closing. He is only truly concerned with extracurricular activities shutting down and communicating with everyone efficiently.