Media Center New QR Codes

New, safer protocols have been introduced in the media center. This year QR codes will help monitor contact tracing.

 Jodie D’Alexander, media center specialist, thought that the easiest way to manage contact tracing was QR codes. She didn’t think every student using the same computer to sign into the library was sanitary due to the difficulty of cleaning off the computer each time it was used. D’Alexander also worried because of COVID protocols, that if she ever stepped away, or if a student forgot to clean the computer, it would be unsafe. 

“Everyone carries around their phone,” D’Alexander says. “[QR codes] make things much easier and more sanitary because you don’t have to touch anything.”

She also removed over 30 chairs to make the room more spacious for social distance purposes. The QR codes are the easiest way of monitoring contact tracing, so the location of where students and teachers sit every day can be tracked. This year, the media center was also rearranged, and every seat and table was numbered, so when students fill out the google form they can record the number of the table or chair of where they are sitting. 

When students enter the media center, they will pick a table or seat. Inside of filling out a form on the computer, students will hold up their phone camera to the scanner, and at the top of their screen, they will click a link. The link directs them to a quick survey asking their name, the numbered seat or chair they would like to sit in, and the teacher that allowed them to visit the library. All the surveys are then transferred onto a Google Sheet where all the information is tracked.

The QR codes have proven to be very beneficial for full classes taught in the media center. Now, recalling who was sitting where and for how long, has become much easier since the arrival of the QR codes. Although it mainly started for COVID purposes, the media center specialists have found that it helps them in other ways too, like locating the owner of belongings left behind. When or if COVID does improve, the media center intends on keeping the QR codes. 

“I encourage students to come to the media center anytime,” D’Alexander says, “Whether it be to spread out and quietly work, technology help, look for a book, or to just sit in a quiet, socially distanced space.”