The Return of Daily Advisory

At the start of the year, days were completely altered with the lack of advisory everyday.  Whether it be a time to do last-minute work, play games, or just take a break, everyone has grown to love this class. With the new schedule, many Woodland students and teachers look forward to meeting with their classmates. 

“I do enjoy having advisory, it’s a good chance to see students in a different format,” sophomore advisory teacher, Mark Mierzejewski, exclaimed. 

Teachers have loved making connections with the students. They form trust and even build teams, as Christopher Anderson has done with his new freshman advisory, the “AnderStars.” 

Both junior and senior advisors, Daniela Santos and Ross Cooper, have expressed their sadness in watching their advisory students get ready to leave. Over the years, their advisories have grown closer as a family. 

When attending the first advisory class freshman year, it may be scary. Not knowing people could be an issue when meeting a new advisory teacher. This was certainly the case for Evelyn Meade. Her first advisory class was “scary” and “extremely awkward.” Meade hopes for her advisory to grow as a team and begin to relax and have fun more. 

Sophomores and juniors in Woodland, who have had one to two years of advisory so far have expressed their love for the period as well. It was a time to take away stress, be yourself, and relax. 

Emily Beyer is experiencing her very last year as a student at Woodland. Her advisory spends most of their days outside, throwing frisbees, and having fun. 

“Advisory has changed my high school years for the better, by relaxing and getting a break from the busy school day.”