Woodland’s New Students

Being a new student is extremely hard, especially when no one really knows you. There are nine new students at Woodland Regional High School during this school year. A few of them have answered questions describing themselves, as an introduction to the school’s community.

“I would describe myself as fun, entertaining and funny,” stated Antonio Guzman. 

Guzman is a junior at Woodland Regional High School. He enjoys making music and spending time with friends. He plans on playing basketball for the school in the winter months. Currently, Guzman claims he is adjusting well to the school and is making many “music fans.”

“I actually really like Woodland. I made a lot of friends and it’s cool,” Ivan Camacho explained. 

Camacho spends his time watching television shows and completing his school work. He takes time on the weekend to hang-out with friends and family. He moved to the district from an all boys private school in New York. 

“I spend my time on the weekend with friends and family and I spend my time after school running,” said Ireland Starziski.

Starziski has come into Woodland Regional as a freshman. She already has her heart set on joining the cross country and basketball teams. Along with all of these sports she likes to clear her mind by painting. Starziski stated that she is easy-going, friendly and honest. She feels very welcome at Woodland and is starting off great.

“I like to watch anime and play video games,” Sade Richardson exclaimed. 

Richardson stated that she finds Woodland to be a nice, welcoming school. She spends her time by herself or watching her siblings. Richardson has been contemplating joining the Hawks basketball team. She says she is kind, outgoing, but also quite shy.

These four new students all like Woodland and everything the school has to offer. They all seem like great additions to our Woodland “family.”