Starting the 2020 Cheer Team

Cheerleading coach, Chelsea Maza, was ready to take on the new challenges that came along with the CIAC’s Covid-19 virus regulations. When strategizing ways to boost the Woodland cheerleading team, coach Chelsea Maza found methods to follow the CIAC’s practice protocols and consistently make the team better.

Maza expressed that the cheerleading team was given guidelines from the CIAC that the team had to follow, along with additional recommendations given by the CAS to ensure a safe season. 

“The biggest challenge is getting used to all the changes,” Maza explained. “We’re so used to being able to have tryouts in May and start stunting in June. It’s coming at the end of September and we’re just getting acclimated with the season.”

However, she was grateful for the tryouts and practices with cohorts. She appreciated that the team had some in-person experience and got to know each other better. Powering through the summer, she always looked forward to practicing together as one team again.

Moving forward, she will always stay open and honest with the athletes. She is certain the team will grow and figure it all out together. Maza acknowledges the long journey ahead and is very confident in having a season.