The Best and Worst Disney Channel Original Movies of the Decade

If I were to sum up my childhood it would only take two words: Disney Channel. Growing up, I was always watching Disney Channel, and I would count down the days until the newest movie with my favorite stars would come out. As the decade has finally ended, there is one thing that needs to be decided: which Disney Channel original movie(DCOM) was the best from the past ten years. 

Scoring 24 DCOM movies based on overall enjoyment, soundtrack(if applicable), plot, character development, and acting quality, I created a rubric. Each category was ranked out of ten, and final percentages were calculated by dividing the total score by 50 or 40 depending on whether or not the movie included a soundtrack.

In order to determine which movie was the best of the decade, it had to be decided which is the absolute worst. Here are the absolute worst DCOMs of the decade, starting from the eleventh worst leading up to the absolute awful-est.

The Worst DCOMs of the Decade 

Now that all the bad movies from the decade are out of the way, here are the top ten DCOMs of the decade.


The Best DCOMs of the Decade


Though many good Disney Channel Original movies came out in the 2010s, it’s not hard to see that the 2000s brought much better Dcoms, like High School Musical, the first Camp Rock, and many others. While hopes are not high for the 2020s DCOMs, only time will tell.