Ryan Khuns: New to the Cheer World

A roaring student section fuels the adrenaline necessary to perform whether at a cold football games or at a chaotic pep rally. Wherever the cheer team performs, they give it their all. Performing in front of a crowd is not a small achievement, especially tumbling and stunting across a blue mat in front of the school. One cheerleader, Ryan Khuns, Woodland sophomore, has found his place on the cheer team this year and has had an amazing season so far. 

 Khun’s catalyst of his cheerleading career, stemmed from some of the cheerleaders convincing him to try out.

“When I made the team I felt relieved and excited because I couldn’t wait to start the year off being a WRHS cheerleader,” said Khuns. “I love how much teamwork is built into the team. Everyone has a good bond that boosts up everyone’s confidence.” 

Khuns and his team supports the football team and goes to game to show school spirit. He knows his team is always determined to do their stunts and cheers, even in the cold weather.  

“My favorite memory so far would have to be the first football game because it was the first game to get us hyped and support the team,” said Khuns.

His biggest achievement were learning better tumbling skills and the amount of friends he has made by being on the team. The whole experience makes him feel welcomed. 

He is inspired by how much effort and skill his teammates have.

This season for Khuns has been a success, with his social and athletic accomplishments. After competition season this year, he plans on staying on the team and pursuing cheerleading next year. 

 “It’s incredible how we can do what we do, the stunts and tumbles are things not everyone can do,” said Khuns. “It was a new experience but I loved it”.