Women of Woodland 2020

Last year, Woodland Worldwide chose and awarded their first group of women with the “Women of Woodland” award. The club created this award to recognize both women students and faculty members who are empowering, strong female role models in the Woodland community. Students and faculty at Woodland are able to nominate women who they believe are role models within Woodland. 

The idea of Women of Woodland came to be last year, by Woodland Worldwide club advisors Meghan Geary and Lisa Olivere. 

“The idea started last year in the fall when Olivere and I saw this really great graphic image of a lot of very famous literary characters, and superheroes, which have emerged from literature. We saw this great poster and it highlighted all of these really famous female characters and it had applied sort of one word that those characters those women embodied. We thought, how cool that would be to do something like that through people at Woodland,” stated Geary. This simple idea soon became the Women of Woodland award. 

Geary and  Olivere choose the winners from a handful of nominations.

 “It was really about making sure that we articulated what a “Women of Woodland” would look like and promoting it and getting the word out.” said Geary. 

Woodland Worldwide works alongside Kristin Lengyel’s Advanced Photography class to award these recipients. 

“A lot of the artistry really comes from Lengyel’s class and the students in her class…. They work closely with the recipients to decide how to best capture who they are in a portrait session and then through digital filmmaking by taking an interview and turning it into a small film,” said Geary. 

The award ceremony, like last year, will take place during mid-March, which is Women’s History Month. During the ceremony, the portraits taken by Lengyel’s photo class will be displayed in a gallery walk in the fine arts hallway, where students and faculty can look through the portraits. This year’s recipients of the Women of Woodland award are Loren Luddy, head of the World Language department, Dana Mulligan, vice principal, Jill Spiwak, secretary of the athletic director, and seniors Sofia Dipiro, who is a Hawk Headlines journalist, alongside Madelyn Vallilo, Mary Pelkey, who directed the Laramie Project for her senior project and swimmer Camille Terrell.