What Outside News Sources Think of Hawk Headlines

Hawk Headlines- a schoolwide phenomenon that delivers the community’s news. Everyone in Woodland knows our name. Millions of other news sources exist throughout the globe, though. So what would one of these sources think of our small-scale organization? One of our reporters talked to Citizen’s News, a local newspaper, to see what their opinion was on Hawk Headlines. 

Elio Gugliotti, the chief editor of Citizen’s News, frequently checks the school’s website to gain additional information that could further his knowledge of events in the community. As a whole, Gugliotti respects Hawk Headlines and gives the journalism department at WRHS a lot of credit for the amount of work that is put in each day. 

“I do actually read the stories and I like what you guys do. I think Jim [Amato] is a great guy and that he runs a great program there [at Woodland].”

In terms of the website and its layout, Gugliotti feels that although the website could use some work, the photos and the content overall is really strong. 

“The only thing I can think of to even begin to critique is the modular size of the stories on the front page of the website. I would rather have a lead story as far as a front page. The media is really good overall,” said Gugliotti. “I liked the section with the captains for sports; it was a slideshow a few years ago that was really well done.”

Gugliotti checks the website at least once a day. He also feels adamant towards helping publicize Hawk Headlines as much as possible. Whether that be a retweet of a sports story or just checking the website, he likes to help out in any way. 

“Just to give you guys extra exposure,” mentioned Gugliotti. 

After diving into the opinions of Citizen’s News, the respect they give for Hawk Headlines was learned.  Between the extra promotions of the work, the fact that they use Hawk Headlines as a news source for their own work, and recognizing Hawk Headlines as one of the most advanced journalism departments in terms of a high school organization, Citizen’s News gives many kind remarks.