Kate Foley – Racing the Odds

Imagine you’re Kate Foley, a freshman who has never really run over a mile before and just signed up to do cross country. Over the summer you work really hard and ended up being able to run three miles consecutively. It’s your first meet and you are at the start line. You are nervous and excited, hoping your hard work will pay off. In the end it does. You get 18th place out of around 40 girls.

Foley being the only freshman on the Girl’s Cross Country team earned her varsity letter at the end of the season. She worked hard for her letter, dropping her time over three minutes. She never thought she would be a long distance runner.  Before she even considered being a runner, she played basketball. As the years went on playing basketball, it became less of a fun experience. Foley decided it was time to switch sports.

 “I just I want to try something new,” Foley revealed. “ Something that I’ve never tried before.” She explained about how the people on her team here very supportive no matter what. In basketball, everyone is in the stands watching every part of the game, cheering when a shot is made. Running is different. When you reach the finish line, everyone is there cheering as loud as they can. Foley’s teammates go up and congratulate her.  

“I liked how supportive people were, especially during practices,” Foley stated. “Whether you’re doing well or not, they would always cheer you on.” 

In the future, Foley hopes to be a cross country captain and she will continue running for indoor and outdoor track. Her experience on the team has been great and she hopes to share it with others. 

Her advice to beginner runner: “At first it’s really hard but as you keep working, it will get better.”