Woodland’s Internship Program

Preparing for the future is something that the students at Woodland Regional High School take seriously. Hardworking teens pushing for high grades are commonly found, joining in on sports and clubs, and even balancing a job on top of it all. Recently, though, more and more students are participating in the school’s internship program. In fact, this year was the largest turnout for the internship program in WRHS history. 

Jim Staib, College and Career expert at Woodland, is in charge of the program. At the beginning of each year, Staib reaches out to juniors and seniors to see if they are interested in pursuing an internship. Many students sign up for internships for either their Senior Capstone or to get insight into potential career for their future. Guidance counselors also know to push students towards Staib nearing the end of their junior years. The program has been growing for over five years now. 

With almost sixty participants this year, the internship program is at its highest peak in Woodland history. One of the biggest draws of the internships is that it can accomodate for any type of job. This year, popular internships involve newspapers, scientists, technology assistants, lawyers, hospitals, but a student can also apply for an internship in any career they want. 

“Most students, either juniors or seniors, when they graduate, are going to be looking at training after high school, colleges, and possibly tech schools, and unfortunately, those are really expensive,” says Staib. He considers this the biggest take-out from the internship program, despite the fact that the internships provide credit towards senior projects. 

  “You want to make sure that whatever you spend all that money on is what you actually want to do [in the future],” he said. 

 Although there are many benefits to the Woodland internship program, the most important one is that a student can actually determine whether or not they enjoy the future that they plan on having. Practicing their possible career would show the student that they either love what they are doing or want to choose a different pathway. 

From the high percentage of students that take part in internships through Woodland Regional High School, one can easily tell that this is a beneficial aspect to our school and helps students grow into the people that they aspire to be.