Christmas Music- When Should People Start Listening

For most people, the sound of the song “Jingle Bells” being played before November is intolerable; however, certain individuals never get tired of Christmas music- and will listen to it no matter what time of the year it is. 

Among the many different festive activities that people enjoy during the holiday season, listening to Christmas music is a popular favorite. Christmas music may be loved, but it does not go together with holidays such as Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving. Many would agree that months are often defined by the holidays in them, so the thought of listening to Christmas music during the middle of March, April, or October sounds a bit odd. 

Ella Parker, “the expert on all holidays”, has strong thoughts about Christmas music.

“I wait until November 1st because I am a big fan of Halloween, and I like to enjoy the whole month of October and get scared and be spooky. Certain things go with certain seasons,” stated Parker. 

Although many people would argue that Christmas music should not be listened to until after Thanksgiving, November is the start of many Christmas festivities. Starting in November, many stores begin playing Christmas music and putting things on sale for the holidays. People start their holiday shopping, and make plans for things to come in December. November could be considered the month that starts the holiday season. 

“I don’t think Christmas music ruins Thanksgiving because part of Thanksgiving is Christmas,” said Parker. “It’s starting to snow, it’s getting colder, and it just feels more like Christmas.”

Although Parker says that November 1st is not too early to listen to Christmas music, any time before that is not acceptable. 

“Throughout the month of October it is unacceptable to listen to Christmas music, said Parker. “You have to be in the holiday spirit, and you have to be in the mood to really feel that it’s Christmas time.”

Based off of what Parker says, it seems that there is a specific time frame in which it is acceptable to listen to Christmas music. This time frame is any time after Halloween, to Christmas. Therefore, if you are thinking of listening to Christmas music in mid July, be prepared for some hate.