Brooke Iannone–On TV for Best Buddies

Brooke Iannone’s average Saturday took a turn when she received a call from Connecticut’s Best Buddies President. That phone call altered Iannone’s day, making a special appearance on NBC Connecticut news. 

Iannone started her day by waking up nice and early to catch her 7:30 a.m. bus for the cross country states championship. The pre-race jitters awakened her, with a mixture of excitement and eagerness spread throughout her body. She started her morning anticipating to run her race and relax afterwards. She ran her heart out, giving it her all. Little did she know how hectic the rest of her day would be. 

As Iannone was recovering after her race and spending time with her team, her mom received a call asking for her daughter to speak on the news and spread the word about the Best Buddies Friendship Walk. As the President of Woodland’s Best Buddies, Iannone was the perfect candidate to represent the Connecticut Best Buddies Program.

Time was a concern, as Iannone couldn’t be late to the interview and she had to support her team during the later race. She was in a crunch trying to decide if she should accept the offer to go on the news, knowing that traffic and other inconveniences would serve as an issue. 

Iannone accepted the offer and finished off her morning cheering on her teammates. In a rush, she jumped in the car with her parents and drove straight to the store. Driving all the way back home wasn’t an option, being that the race was almost an hour away. 

“I didn’t have enough time to go home and shower or anything, and I was all sweaty from my race,” Iannone explains. “I actually went to Old Navy and I had to get a dress and all of my stuff there. I even got mascara there.”

She grabbed the first dress she could find and quickly got ready for her television appearance. 

Iannone beat the clock and made it to the interview location with seconds to spare. The hectic day all came together in the long run. She made her debut on NBC Connecticut, sharing news about Best Buddies, an organization that means the world to her. She invited everyone to join her, along with all of the Best Buddies members in Connecticut, at a Friendship Walk to celebrate inclusion of everyone, no matter their differences.