Staying Healthy During Cold Season

Summer time has passed but many illnesses are coming back as the temperatures drop. Taking care of yourself during fall and winter is very important. 

Woodland’s school nurse, Vicki DeLucia, witnesses the upbringings of the two most common fall and winter illnesses, “cold and flu, in her office. 

These illnesses are more common in November through March. Since people do not go outside as much as they do over the summer, all the germs spread in buildings. 

Colds are caused by many different components. Preventing it starts with washing your hands. Since germs have been spreading like wildfires, more effort for self care is needed. Drinking lots of fluids and getting plenty of sleep will help. 

“Lack of sleep stresses your body out, and when your body is stressed out you are able to catch more diseases,” said DeLucia. 

Simply getting a few extra hours of sleep will make a big difference. There are many different opinions when it comes to the flu shot. While some get the shot, others claim that it does nothing. DeLucia is a big believer in the vaccine and thinks it’s important for everyone to get a flu shot. 

“A lot of people don’t get the flu shot because they feel that they will get sick, “said DeLucia, “which is absolutely impossible because it’s a dead virus.” 

Self care is very important. Taking care of yourself should always be your top priority, especially when you’re younger. If you grow up with a good lifestyle, then you will most likely be healthy as you grow older. Each step, even simply washing your hands, will benefit you in the long run.