Effective Ways to Record Homework

Homework, the word makes students shift uncomfortably in their seats. Every student has to deal with homework. For some, homework comes easily, but for others, homework can be a struggle. Most students hand it in, but for others submitting their homework isn’t easy. When students don’t write down their homework it creates problems.

Most of Woodland’s students’ lives consist of school, extracurricular activities, and homework. With four classes a day, homework can become unmanageable. Students have to remember to set their alarm, to check their phone, look if it’s A or B day, all their homework, their chores, and finally, after limited free time, students might get 8 hours of sleep. 

Homework is one of the most challenging tasks to remember. Woodland students have many resources to use to record their homework. Some of which are using their school agenda, using the Notes app, Schoology, calender or just memory. 


Students at Woodland responded with what they use to remember homework: 

  • 51.9% of the students who responded use their school given agendas
  • 48.1% just rely on their memory
  • 25.9% use schoology


From the perspective of an upperclassman, writing down homework was a challenge at first but, Alina Gega, Woodland Junior worked through it.

 “When I was a freshman I had trouble remembering to do my homework because I was always forgetting to write it in my planner, or I was misplacing it,” stated Gega.

Now Gega has a unique way of remembering homework, commitments and other events. 

“Whenever I have a game, event, homework, or anything at all that I need to remember I tend to write it in as many places as I could. My notes, my calendar, my schedule at home, my school planner, and setting alerts and reminders to check my planner or check Schoology for homework,” states Gega. “Doing that makes it extremely hard to forget when someones due or coming up.” 

Now after some experience, Gega has gotten better at remembering homework. Her experience represents the majority of upperclassmen who have gone through a similar situation. 

Dana Mulligan, Vice Principal, understands the homework struggle.

 “So to me the biggest thing is pick what works for you, but stick with that one way of doing things,” stated Mulligan.

She does make a point because every student works differently and some strategies work better than others depending on the person. A student needs to stick to one strategy of writing down homework, so they can create a habit out of it. Dr. Mulligan has more than one way of writing down all her tasks. 

“I have a Google Calendar,” stated Mulligan. “ But I still have paper planner. I prefer paper planner, but I know that I have to work in conjunction with people who do things electronically.” [pullquote] “So to me the biggest thing is pick what works for you, but stick with that one way of doing things.” _ Dana Mulligan[/pullquote]

Google calendars seem to be popular to use more than one resource among the students and teachers at Woodland.

Overall it is important to record homework in any way even if it includes a planner or calendar, or even the schoology calendar. Students at Woodland record their homework in many different ways, but as long as they get the homework done, and remember it than anyone could survive high school homework.