Art Club–A Whole New Year

Since Woodland opened in 2001, students have searched for ways to express themselves through art such as painting, illustration, and photography. Because of the large population of artists at the school, the Art Club was started and became well liked by students looking to increase their knowledge on all things related to art. 

Throughout their four years spent in high school, many students look for a way to expand their horizons and meet new people with similar interests. The Art Club has created an opening for students, as it is extended to anyone who would like to create new and exciting pieces. 

“It is an opportunity for kids that may not be in an art class to be able to participate in art activities and stay in touch with the art department,” says Kristen Lengyel, Art Department Head.

Students with all different types of artistic talents could find their place in the Art Club and learn how to improve upon the skills that they have. In addition to being a place for students who are invested in art, the Art Club is also open to people who want to learn art for the first time. 

“Anybody who joins, no matter what their strength is, no matter what medium their interested in, they can do something,” said Lengyel. “It is a good opportunity to try something new, or to refine skills that they already have.” 

People who are interested in the Art Club should be prepared for the variety of fun events and activities that happen each year.

 In addition to the Fine Arts Night, Lengyel also gave an idea of what may come, as she suggests that they may participate in “an online art auction and some sort of community service.”

Anyone who is looking for entertainment, amusement, and quite possibly some new friendships with unique individuals should check out the Art Club at Woodland.