Helen Mis–52 Years of Service

Helen Mis has dedicated over five decades of service to her town, something that almost no one else in Connecticut has done. She served as one of Beacon Falls’ voter registrars for more than 52 years, making her the longest-serving voter registrar in the state. Her decision to retire caused many local dignitaries to reflect upon her service by attending a luncheon dedicated to her and sharing kind words on her behalf. 


Shown Above: Helen Mis addressing the attendees of the luncheon.

On Monday, November 4th, the Woodland Regional Student Government recognized Mis’ service by holding a luncheon in her honor. Several dignitaries–Senator George Logan, Representative Nicole Klarides-Ditria, First Selectman Christopher Bielik, Selectman Michael Krenesky, Superintendent Michael Yamin and Woodland Principal Kurt Ogren– attended to pay tribute to the longtime registrator. Selectman Krenesky thanked Mis for her dedication and presented her with a letter from President Donald Trump. Superintendent Michael Yamin thanked Mis for easing his nerves during his first time planning a budget vote. . 

During the luncheon, Mis explained that she decided to resign from her position due to new requirements to hold the position. In order for her to continue her service, she would have to become certified; a process that costs the town $1,600 per registrar. According to Mis, the process would not be cost-effective for the town, as she would probably not be serving as a voter registrar for much longer. When asked about what she would be doing with all of her newfound free-time, she chuckled and joked that she had lots of yard work to catch up on. 

Mis revealed that her favorite part of being a voter registrar was being able to help uphold voter rights and opportunities. She also proudly announced that more and more 18 year olds are showing up to vote, which is something she is thrilled about. The hardest part of her job was “impatient candidates,” Mis joked to the audience of her luncheon.  

Mis’ goal for every election was to do her job to the best of her ability, and even explained that both times the town has been ordered to do a recount, the numbers matched perfectly. She ended her presentation by saying that every person should vote, no matter if they are in a specific party or not. 

At the end of the luncheon, Mis was presented with a signed copy of a resolution of recognition that had been passed by the Student Government Senate and flowers from the WRSG. Mis also receives the honor of being the first speaker in the WRSG’s new Guest Speaker Program. The WRSG, the town of Beacon Falls, and the Woodland community wish Ms. Mis a happy retirement.