Meghan Geary–CT Teacher of the Year

A prestigious award, an amazing teacher, and a surprise. Woodland’s gym was all decked out in black and gold as school spirit came to an all-time high. Balloons, streamers, and banners coated every surface of the gymnasium for a ceremony that would make Woodland’s mark on state and federal history.

Meghan Geary is a well-loved and highly respected Woodland English teacher of 10 years. On Friday November 11, she was honored with a surprise pep rally that publicly recognized her as the Connecticut 2020 Teacher of the Year. Student Government, the Woodland administration, and the state planned and executed the event.

Geary was surrounded by friends, family, and her school support system. Geary was there with her husband, fellow English teacher Paul Geary, her parents, and her in-laws. Superintendent Michael Yamin, principal Kurt Ogren, Mayor Bob Chatfield and First Selectman Chris Bielick were also in attendance. State dignitaries, such as governor, Ned Lamont, were present and spoke on her behalf. 

Dignitaries arrived at about 9:30, and surprised Geary with the announcement in her second block AP Language and Composition class. They then gathered in the Media Center and were escorted to the gymnasium by Student Government members. 

Students crowded the bleachers and screamed their approval for their teacher at all of the given times, guest speakers applauded Geary’s many positive attributes, and news channels filmed the ceremony from the center of the gym. 

After the ceremony, dignitaries and Geary gathered once more in the Media Center for a luncheon at 11:00. Amid all of the conversations and pictures, Geary beamed at the center of all the love that surrounded her.

“This is absolutely one of the greatest days of my life and it is certainly the greatest day of my professional career,” Geary remarked during her speech. “[Woodland] was my first teaching job, and since then I have never looked elsewhere. This is my home.”