Return to the Woods: The Hawks’ Nest is Back

As Mike Falcone and Haley Wolfanger entered their senior year, they decided to take initiative over the lack of school spirit they experienced in their past three years. Thus, The Hawk’s Nest was born. The Instagram and Twitter accounts served as an all-in-one base for everything Woodland sports. Here, Falcone and Wolfanger posted game dates, times, pictures of the avid fans, scores, and highlights. Missed a game? The Hawk’s Nest was sure to make you feel as if you were front row in the student section.

The idea was ignited by the hype from Wolcott game, one of Woodland football’s first games last season where Woodland came up victorious 41-14. With the uprise of the team’s success that season, Falcone wanted to give them their recognition while beginning an archive of the success of all of Woodland’s teams.

“We had to follow them and dedicate more to them and the fans and students who go out to support them,” said Falcone.

Though they were athletes for the school, the two alumni dedicated all their offseason time, as well as as much of their in-season time as they could to the account. Now that Wolfanger and Falcone are graduated, the account remains in the Woods without them. This year, entering The Hawk’s Nest as the new admins are current seniors, Casey Brooks, and Nick Delucia. 

Shown Above: Casey Brooks and Nick Delucia proudly representing Hawks’ Nest with a banner.

Brooks who has run the Hawk Headlines Sports Department since her sophomore year takes this as an advantage in how she can more effectively run the account and intends to apply these skills in doing so. 

“I’ve been running the sports department since my sophomore year ensuring all aspects of sports are being covered effectively,” Brooks said. “From this, I feel I’ve learned how to market sports so that they can catch the interest of the student body.” 

Along with enticing marketing, the two want to add a more organizational aspect to the account. Delucia talks about how this year the account will release weekly schedules of all the big games to spread awareness. He also mentions that the account will run reminders through Instagram’s story feature as well as Tweet updates to keep game dates and all of Woodland’s big sports events fresh in the minds of students. 

“When more people attend football games, we begin to gain more school spirit which will then result in more attendance at other sports events.”

This year again, both administrators to the account are athletes, Brooks participating in girls swim during the fall season, and tennis during the spring season, and Delucia participating in basketball during the winter season, and baseball during the spring season. The seniors look at their involvement in sports as an advantage because of their advanced knowledge in the sports they are covering rather than a hindrance because of their more occupied schedules.

“Being a part of Woodland sports and being friends with those people, I get direct information on how their seasons are going,” Delucia said. “I know how their coaches are, I’ll know what’s going on during NVLs and States, and I can get pictures more quickly and easily.” 

Both Brooks and Delucia speak of school spirit as if it is an equation. Brooks talks about how factors such as making the games something more exciting to look forward to, will make more students likely to come, and how this will help sustain school spirit throughout the year. 

“If we start making themed games and getting everyone hype, all of this will increase school spirit which will result in a better environment,” Brooks said. 

Delucia speaks similarly on this topic, also holding a strong belief that high attendance is the initiator of school spirit.

“When more people attend football games, we begin to gain more school spirit which will then result in more attendance at other sports events,” stated Delucia.

The fall sports season is just beginning with cross country kicking off their first home meet, and girls soccer having their first home game on Tuesday, September 10th. That Friday, September 13th, the football and volleyball teams will be having their first home games. The next week, boys soccer and girls swim finally have their first home game and meet September 17th. Brooks anticipates the hype to be high but is still encouraging everyone to come out and show their school spirit to ensure the year begins on a high note.

“Everyone I know says fall sports are the best season of the school year just because school spirit is so high. I know that we can start strong if everyone attends games.” Brooks said.

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