The Uprising of VSCO Girls


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“And I oop, and I oop.” 

These catchphrases are heard way too often in 2019.  If you hear the traitorous sound of a hydro flask dropping it will most likely be followed by “And I oop, and I oop.”  Or, if you hear someone laughing at a joke saying “Sksksk,” just be aware that there is a VSCO girl in the vicinity. 

The idea of a “VSCO girl”–someone portraying a life that matches the aesthetics posted on the photography/social media platform, VSCO-has gotten out of hand.  

Originally, the idea of a VSCO girl started when teen girls would dress up and buy standard items that matched a “basic”, effortless and chill look, which is all too relatable to the average teenager.

This trend, and these phrases, have now become a sort of mocking, but follows simple rules.  In order to be a supreme VSCO girl you need to achieve the following: 

  1. Wear 10,000 scrunchies on your wrist.  Yep, and that means EVERY color. You never know if you might need to loan someone one of your prized scrunchies.
  2. Buy a reusable straw.  If you don’t, you will personally offend all those belonging to the VSCO girl nation.  It is your duty to save every turtle in the sea, using one straw in a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee at a time.
  3. But wait… how else can I use my metal straws? Great question.  In a hydro flask…duh. I mean after all, if you don’t have one of these you aren’t worthy of personalized stickers and friendship bracelets.
  4. Oh, and do NOT forget the oversized t-shirt.  As a VSCO girl, you need to look effortless, not letting anyone know that you spent three hours in Urban Outfitters looking for that perfect oversized tee that would just cover your Nike pros.  The $60 will be worth it. 
  5. You will not be a true VSCO girl without your Birkenstocks or your Vans. I mean, how else are you supposed to look like a sk8ter girl?
  6. To finish off your look make sure you wear your “authentic” puka shell necklace and countless layered chokers. 

Teen Vogue was sure to cover this trend stating that VSCO girls are, “the Tumblr girls of 2019.”  The article goes further into depth about why people love to be VSCO girls.  And, if your interested in taking on this persona, Teen Vogue offers links to products that will get you up and running as a VSCO girl

Teens all around the world have been sucked into this trend, becoming famous on apps like Instagram, Tik Tok and of course, VSCO.

EMBED VIDEO Link to VSCO girl tik tok video:

Though this trend may be all fun and games, some original VSCO users have a slight issue with the app becoming a personality trait.

Lexi Landrigan has been faced with the problem of people calling her a VSCO girl just because some of the possessions that she carries around with her may be “VSCO.” 

Landrigan, an original app user says, “VSCO used to be an app about sharing cute it’s all about this personality trait, and if you have a hydro flask and you have a scrunchie, you are automatically a VSCO girl.”  

Landrigan find it funny how these items are automatically linked to the image of a VSCO girl. “See, I get a lot of people commenting on my hydro flask, saying that I’m a VSCO girl, but honestly I’m not.  The only thing that I own that is VSCO related is my hydro flask. Okay, and I may have a shell necklace as well,” she says chuckling. “And a few scrunchies. BUT I’M NOT A VSCO GIRL.” Landrigan concluded with, “I’m just a girl with a hydro flask to keep my water cold.”

As a joke, Landrigan has started to bring her Swell water bottle to school instead of her “hydroflasksks.”

 So, if you would like to avoid “VSCO girl” confrontation, leave your scrunchies at home and trade in your hydro for an alternative brand.