Zack Bedryczuk-Mr. 1000

One thousand points is a milestone for any high school basketball player. For Zack Bedryczuk, it took four years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance to become only the second Woodland boys Basketball player to total 1000 points for their career. However, it was not only those four years of high school ball that made him into the player he is, but the previous 14 as well. Bedryczuk who started playing basketball at the age of four under the tutelage of his dad.

“He put the ball in my hands at a young age and I have loved the game ever since then.”

Bedryczuck’s 1000 point career and beyond stellar play at the point guard position resulted in a CIASC state tournament berth for the second straight year proving that Woodland Basketball was back.

“It was a goal for us to make states so we didn’t want anything less than that for everyone on the team.”

The team feeds off of the success of Bedryczuk as not only was he one of the three seniors on the team, but also the team captain. The energy surrounding his 1000 point career this season helped the chemistry of the team saying

“We were all close, and we played as a team” Bedryczuk said, “some of us have been playing together since we were kids and as we grew up, the chemistry grew.” [pullquote]“They always found me in the right spots at the right time,” said Bedryzuck.[/pullquote]

It’s a chemistry that would lead the Hawks back into states play for two straight years. A lofty goal for a hawks team that had a losing record the previous two years and no birth into the state tournament.

Bedryczuk has attributed to not only his dad who developed and grew his love for basketball, but the teammates he has been playing with throughout his career as well as his work ethic throughout the season.

“They always found me in the right spots at the right time” Bedryczuk had said “I knew if it was meant to be, it would happen and to just play my game with my team.”

This determination not only translated to basketball but developed a work ethic and kept him in shape for baseball where he will be attending Southern Connecticut State University in the fall. His motivation came from the drive within to be better for his team to win every game possible. Now at Woodland he is not just considered good, but he is considered the best.