Who Are the Three O’Clock Losers?

A deep love for music runs deep in the blood of the musicians in 3 O’Clock Losers. Strong bonds and never-ending friendships have been formed between each of the members.

3 O’Clock Losers is a student-ran band composed of Woodland seniors, Natalie Katrenya, Michael Baz, and Ryan Zhu, and junior, Austin Woloszyn. The band was created two years ago. Woodland was hosting a talent show, so the four decided to cover some songs together. Afterward, they continued to rehearse covers and decided that it would be a great opportunity to start a band, so they joined forces as the 3 O’Clock Losers.

Each of the musicians were looking to improve their skills and to learn how to play alongside other musicians with the a similar mindset.  

“After our first performance, we realized we all fit with one another perfectly,” says Katrenya. “Our energies match, yet we’re still our own individuals. That’s the kind of chemistry that’s right for a band.”

Through countless rehearsals, the band works together to learn and grow off each other. They each religiously practice the parts of the songs and then come together to put in the finishing touches At every rehearsal, they run through the songs verse-to-verse, until the song is perfect.  

They work together to create original songs. Katrenya constantly jots down lyrics while Baz, Woloszyn, and Zhu work on the melodies, chord progression, and rhythms.

“Throw that all together and we’re on the road to an original song,” says Katrenya. “It’s pretty magical actually.”

Through participating in the band, it has helped the musicians learn to work with others in a big project and create bonds unlike any other. Being in a band not only helps the individuals music-wise, but it also helped their friendship flourish.

“Being able to work in a group on a project, music in this case, was a skill that started to improve within myself as we rehearsed more and more,” says Baz. “You really get to know the ins and outs of people when you write and practice music over and over again with them, leading to a really complex kind of friendship.”

Together, the musicians hope to create new harmonies and blends of sounds for people to enjoy. They hope to encourage their listeners to find an inner passion for music and for their listeners to be able to bop out to their songs. Each of the musicians hope to bring people together and they hope their music has the power to calm a crazy mind.

“I’d say my favorite part of performing is seeing an audience enjoy our music that we perform. It really makes me feel humbled knowing that people took time out of their day to come and see us play,” says Woloszyn.

In the next year, the band hopes to write more original music, perform at more shows, and to show more people what they have to offer. Look out for updates and covers from 3 O’Clock Losers @3oclocklosers on Instagram and 3 O’Clock Losers on Facebook.


Image credit: Jillian Plante