Taking a Step Toward a Better Environment

Often you may find yourself putting recyclable objects in the trash can, instead of the recycling bin, but you’re not alone. Students throughout Woodland fail to recycle their plastic water bottles and papers. After noticing the lack of recycling, Jaden Young, founder of Woodland’s conservation club, decided that it was time to make an impact on the environment.

“I noticed that there could be more of an emphasis on recycling and keeping our environment clean around the school, so I want to focus in on that,” says Young.

Young hopes to keep the environment around Woodland clean and conserve the world’s remaining resources. The members of the club have brainstormed ideas about how they would like to help around the school and community, such as eliminating use of excess plastic and recycling more often around Woodland.

The environmental club will be hosting events to raise money and bring awareness to recycling and conserving the environment. The club will be hosting a bake sale on Saturday, April 13 at Oliver’s Supermarket , where they hope to earn funds for the club and future events.

On Monday, April 22, the members plan on working alongside the Prospect Library to host a hands on activity for children in the local area to learn about ways to help the environment. At the event, they will help the children to make eco-friendly craft out of reusable materials, such as bird houses or bird feeders. The children will gain more knowledge about the environment and conservation while doing a fun craft.

Conservation club member, Samantha Erickson, hopes to work alongside other students in the club to make an impact on the environment around Woodland.

[pullquote]“I hope that we can see a change in conserving the environment around school, which I definitely think can happen,” says Erickson.[/pullquote]

The club meets every other Tuesday in room 301. They hope for students to come to the meeting with new ideas in order to help the environment around Woodland.