A Look at Dance Team NVLs


“We didn’t win NVLs, but we definitely made a statement out on the floor,” Cristiana Santos stated.

The Woodland Dance Team competed at their NVL competition last Wednesday in the Woodland gym. They had a great outcome of fourth place overall with their closest rivals of Oxford, Wolcott, and Seymour just beating them out. Even though they were hoping to take the first place trophy home, captains Mikayla Poirer and Santos are still very proud of their teams’ hard work.

“Each girl on the team gave it their all and most importantly had fun while doing it,” said Santos. She also revealed that there was a lot of talent brought to the intense competition and even though they did not win they still did their best.

In addition, Poirer revealed that the team was pretty disappointed about the  fourth place finish. She also said how they did not do as well as they hoped to at their previous competition at Quinnipiac University where they took home the “Originality Award,”  but it pushed them to work harder at practices. This lead to their practices leading up to NVLs not being easy ones. They made many changes to their dances and extended practices up to a half an hour to make sure that everyone was happy with the way the dances were turning out. Santos admitted that the team really had to work on finding connections with one another so they could portray the story behind each dance.

“You never know what teams have in store at each competition and there is always so much talent,” Santos stated. ¨The Woodland Dance Team definitely has made lasting impressions at all of the competitions we have done so far and it’s only getting better!”